TelstraGlobal network solutions provider Telstra today released two new services that will significantly enhance its leading Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform, Telstra PEN: PEN Exchange and PEN Marketplace.  The services streamline connectivity between PEN customers and the ordering of critical network functions over an online portal.

PEN Exchange allows organizations to connect with other PEN customers on demand, thus enabling faster, simpler and more secure digital partnerships.

“The launch of our new PEN Exchange is the natural next step in our SDN strategy and means we now have the unique capability to dynamically connect network circuits between PEN Exchange customers, linking different people and business sites easily and cost-effectively,” explained Jim Clarke, Head of International Products and Pricing at Telstra, in a statement.

Clarke also lauded the benefits of the PEN Marketplace, which makes it easier to obtain virtual network functions like firewalls and routers, on demand.

“With a variety of virtual network functions now accessible through the PEN Marketplace, customers no longer have to wait for the delivery and installation of hardware appliances, rather they have the power to manage their applications virtually and across multiple countries simultaneously,” he said.

Clarke also went on to explain how PEN Marketplace allows customers to order virtual applications in conjunction with their unique business needs, thus avoiding over provisioning and high costs.

In a nutshell, customers will receive increased flexibility and easier access to competitive network services with these new solutions.

Are you interested in obtaining Telstra’s SDN platform for your business? This product is available across 26 global PEN points of presence throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Click here for more information.