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In an era where technology and communications are in constant flux, platforms for intellectual exchange, business growth, and industry advancement are invaluable. The 2023 INCOMPAS Show, slated for October 8-10, 2023, in Tampa, Florida, serves as such a platform. This event is a gathering point of industry experts, policy architects, and technology enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive forum for innovation, knowledge dissemination, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

INCOMPAS: The Catalyst for Industry Transformation

For those unfamiliar with its role, The 2023 INCOMPAS Show is not merely an industry association; it is a key advocate for a competitive and transformative landscape in internet and communications. The 2023 INCOMPAS Show serves as an extension of this advocacy, functioning as a marketplace for ideas, a forum for regulatory discussions, and an incubator for emerging technologies and business opportunities.

The event is set to host a diverse array of thought leaders who will offer insights into future technological and regulatory trends. These panels feature speakers from various sectors including policy, technology, marketing and business. They hold positions such as Managing Directors, CEOs, Partners, and more, representing companies and organizations in telecommunications, legal, and investment fields. The panels are designed to provide a forward-looking perspective, setting the agenda for industry expectations in the coming years. Learn and be engaged by leaders in the industry such as Dan Davis of Arcadian Infracom, Kevin T. Hart of Segra+UPN, Ilissa Miller of iMiller Public Relations, Chip Pickering of INCOMPAS, Dave Stehlin of Telecommunications Industry Association, among many others.

The 2023 INCOMPAS Show distinguishes itself as more than an exhibition; it serves as a curated platform for the latest technological breakthroughs. Whether representing a startup with disruptive technologies or an established enterprise launching new services, the event provides opportunities for live demonstrations and direct engagement with vendors, as well as hands-on experiences and engaging dialogues.

The workshops and panel discussions are structured to address the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, including the transformative power of AI, private equity funding, infrastructure investment, federal and state broadband deployment programs and more. These sessions are designed to offer comprehensive and insightful dialogues that contribute to industry best practices, with opportunities to continue conversations throughout the event.

Networking at The 2023 INCOMPAS Show extends beyond casual interactions. The event is designed to facilitate the formation of strategic business alliances. With an attendee list that includes CEOs, venture capitalists, industry buyers and other telecom professionals, the networking opportunities are structured to yield long-term business relationships. Throughout the schedule there are nightly receptions, breakfast meetings, coffee breaks, and ‘lunch and learn’ opportunities designed with continued connection in mind.

Tampa serves as more than just a host city; it is an emerging center for technology and startups. Its favorable climate and cultural offerings create a balanced environment for business and leisure, making it an ideal location for an event of this scale. Additionally, Tampa’s growing tech ecosystem and investment in smart city initiatives provide a relevant backdrop for the event’s discussions on the future of communications technology.

Maximizing Your Experience at The 2023 INCOMPAS Show

Preparation is essential for optimizing your experience at the event. Registered attendees should join ConnectIN, the show’s exclusive LinkedIn group, where they can start networking, highlighting their offerings and setting up meetings in advance of arriving in Tampa. A thorough review of the event’s agenda will enable effective time management, ensuring alignment with your professional goals. Adequate preparation also includes having an ample supply of business cards and staying updated on event developments through The 2023 INCOMPAS Show’s social media channels.

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