June 26-27 Beijing China

Mitigating risks, Heightening HSE, Optimising production and Cutting cost for Oil&Gas operators and contractors to achieve operational excellence and comply with drilling regulations.

GRCCThe energy sector is going to adopt new enterprise mobility solutions technology through to 2015 to the tune of 8 billion dollars according to projected figures. As increasing numbers of Oil and Gas companies turn to mobile technologies as the catalyst for their future growth and profitability, they will likely encounter significant challenges along the way. Some of the most commonly encountered stumbling blocks including Security, Privacy and neutrality, IT department lockdown, Remote locations, Security versus mobile uptake, Fragmented mobile solution, Business model for managed services that is not well established, Difficulty in defining quantifiable business cases across organizational lines, Integration into new and existing IT systems, etc.

The 2nd Annual China Oil & Gas Mobility Forum will invite 200+ senior decision makers from worldwide Oil & Gas companies, Energy & Utilities, Convergence Device Suppliers, IT Vendors, Software Developers, Managed  Service  Vendor, Government Authorities to discuss the state of mobile adoption in the energy industry and outlines a number of high-payoff areas for managers to consider. It also discusses criteria for the selection of mobile solutions and provides some best practices for their implementation.

The topic will include cross industry experiences benefit from case studies and best practice from the already-mobile Energy and Utilities industries; market size and values of mobility in China Oil & Gas industry; updated demand characteristics of Oil and Gas industry’s information system, and How to develop your fit-for-purpose solutions; How to choose devices and platforms allowing for broad adoption and necessary hardening; How to build a secure environment for mobility -secure devices and data, etc.

This event is a precious platform to evaluate your own products and services to fit in China market and identify the changing needs of Chinese enterprises to capacity and services and helps you to bring new value-added products to market faster than your competitors. You can not miss out this event that help you achieve success in 2014 and beyond!

For more information about this event please contact Ms. Michelle Yang at +86 21 22306791 or email to michelle@grccinc.com, website: www.oilandgasmobilityforum.com