Originally posted on Windstream Business™ by Jeremy Story

Windstream logo We know. Placing your network security responsibilities in the hands of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) may put you outside of your comfort zone—but most likely, not for long. Our experience is that any hesitancy giving up some hands-on, day-to-day oversight of network security to a third-party provider is quickly overcome when companies realize the benefits of working with a trusted, reliable MSSP. 

In fact, an increasingly diverse and sophisticated threatscape and emerging cloud computing, social media, mobile enablement and other technology trends only compound security challenges for IT departments already stretched thin.


In a recent study by International Data Corporation (IDC) and sponsored by Windstream, “You Will Be Breached: How Much Will It Set Back Your Business?”, the majority of respondents revealed they have higher confidence in third-party providers than in their own internal IT departments when it comes to dealing with the rapidly changing security landscape and the technology needed to counter evolving threats.

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