As originally published in Global Capacity’s Marketplace News, written by Mary Stanhope

Global CapacityEven without a large IT team or extensive budget, small businesses can gain business efficiencies—e.g. proficient communications, collaboration and core business processes— by leveraging a strong connectivity solution to access innovative business technology and applications. Just consider the array of innovative technologies unveiled at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a few weeks ago. Below are some of the hot products from CES 2015 that small businesses may want to check out:


Sling TV: Dish revealed a new over-the-top TV service, Sling TV, which provides live TV services viewable on a variety of video streaming devices—from tablets and smartphones to gaming platforms like Xbox One. For the small business looking to transition to a larger brick-and-mortar building, this kind of connected TV service could be an ideal, low cost alternative to a standard cable package.

NeatConnect: For those small businesses looking to better manage finances and spending, The Neat Company unveiled its latest digital filing product NeatConnect. Users can scan paper receipts into digital files, extract tax information, categorize expenses, and send relevant data via email or upload it to any number of cloud services.

Storage drives: Samsung unveiled its SSD T1 storage drive, which weighs approximately one ounce and can store up to a terabyte of data. It’s a device so big that it can archive virtually all business files and data while being small enough physically to fit in one’s back pocket. If you’re looking for a little less data capacity, Seagate revealed its Seagate Seven storage drive, self-described as “the thinnest 500GB portable drive” on the market.

Panasonic retail services: We would be remiss not to highlight Panasonic’s “The Retail Zone,” which provided CES attendees with a look at its spread of connectivity offerings (i.e. digital signage, projection solutions, customer kiosks, security cameras, video analytics) for small business retail segments.

These innovative products and services are great options for small businesses to connect to and positively impact their operations. To find the right connectivity that best suits your application needs we suggest starting with One Marketplace, Global Capacity’s award-winning interconnected, aggregated data network that helps small businesses procure, price and manage their network solutions. Click here check the connectivity options for your business.

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