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Structure Research, an independent research and consulting firm with a focus on the Internet infrastructure market, has just released its updated and highly anticipated “Cloud, Edge and AI Infrastructure Ecosystem” report. This comprehensive analysis offers invaluable insights and a strategic blueprint for service providers, vendors, and investors looking to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Key Findings and Insights

The report explores the disruptive forces reshaping the infrastructure services market, with a spotlight on the rise of hyperscale public clouds and the transformative impact of AI technologies. Here are some of the critical insights from the report:

  1. Rise of Hyperscale Public Clouds: Hyperscale cloud providers are driving significant changes across the infrastructure ecosystem. These giants are not only expanding their reach but also setting new standards for scalability, efficiency, and innovation.
  2. Impact of AI Technologies: AI is revolutionizing the infrastructure services market. The demand for GPU-oriented infrastructure is skyrocketing, and new AI-focused cloud providers are emerging to meet this need. This shift is creating new opportunities and challenges for traditional service providers.
  3. Shift Towards Asset-Light Models: Service providers are increasingly adopting asset-light models, focusing on specialized services rather than owning and operating vast infrastructure. This trend is leading to greater specialization and more tailored solutions for customers.
  4. Emergence of New Market Players: The infrastructure ecosystem is seeing the rise of new players focused on AI and edge computing. These companies are bringing innovative solutions to market, further driving competition and technological advancement.

Strategic Roadmap for Success

Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research, emphasizes the significance of these developments: “The infrastructure services market is at an inflection point, driven by the convergence of cloud computing and AI. Our report provides a comprehensive roadmap for navigating this new world, enabling service providers, vendors, and investors to understand the market dynamics, identify opportunities, and develop strategies for success.”

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Market Trends and Forecasts: Detailed data and projections on the evolving market landscape, highlighting the shift towards outsourced infrastructure services and the declining footprint of on-premise IT environments.
  • Strategies for Selling to Service Providers: Actionable guidance on navigating the complexities of selling to service providers, including best practices for productizing technology, providing modular solutions, and enabling profit generation through value-added services.

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