Telecom Newsroom Interview with Ray Crews, Jr., Director of Strategy and Analysis, Enterprise Networking Solutions

By Caroline Kurdej

Ray Crews, Jr. is the Director of Strategy and Analysis for the Enterprise Networking Solutions portfolio of ExteNet Systems. Ray works with property owners, enterprises and service providers, helping them understand the impact of cutting-edge technology and the value of indoor distributed network infrastructure. Prior to ExteNet, Ray held a similar role with Phoenix Tower International, helping U.S. wireless carriers with colocation and development activity across the nation. As a 17-year telecom industry veteran, his roles have spanned across strategy, business development, services, sales, and wireless carrier colocation, while maintaining the goal of advancing carrier relationships.

Telecom Newsroom recently sat down with Ray to discuss the present challenges existing in the telecom industry, as well as the exciting opportunities 5G will create for the community. He also underlined ExteNet Systems’ willingness to help customers explore hybrid solutions that address their comprehensive IT ecosystems. Ray will be sharing his knowledge as a speaker at the NEDAS Boston Symposium, taking place on July 18, 2018.

TN-CK Q: What do you predict will be the long-term impact of emerging technologies and trends implemented in the coming 12 months?

ENS-RC A: 5G planning and implementation will impact our daily lives and the telecommunication infrastructure community as a whole. A number of trends are becoming particularly disruptive, including augmented and virtual reality, remote medical care, autonomous vehicles, and smart city infrastructure, to name but a few.

In regards to the telecommunications community, 5G will require changes across networks, and greater infrastructure density will enable cutting-edge wireless technologies and low-latency interconnectivity.

TN-CK Q: From where does the bulk of funding come for wireless infrastructure solutions? Does this need to change for sustainability?

ENS-RC A: From what I’ve observed during the course of my initial month within the Distributed Network Services market, carrier spending still leads the funding. Recently, there seems to be a willingness to put forth hybrid financing models led by real estate owners. We’re finding that these owners are willing to discuss bearing the cost to support their current tenants and draw new tenants while continuing to offer building management services.

TN-CK Q: NEDAS is a regional association. What do you look forward to most as a participant?

ENS-RC A: I always look forward to gaining insight from colleagues, learning from their experiences, having discussions that ultimately give me insight into different strategies, and sharing what I’ve experienced.

TN-CK Q: What are your company’s key differentiators?

ENS-RC A: ExteNet’s entrepreneurial spirit remains, withstanding the growth it has experienced. There is a willingness to discuss hybrid solutions to address the full ecosystem with both real estate owners and carriers, while being less rigid than our competitors.

TN-CK: Thank you for your time, Ray. We look forward to seeing you at the NEDAS Boston Symposium on July 18, 2018!

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