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You’ve probably seen Syntropy launch various integrations, including MinecraftCS:GOTerrariaElrondPolkadotChainlink, and Ethereum. We’re not shipping these to signal “progress” — these integrations are core components to our long-term success.

Here’s a quick primer on why integrations add considerable value to Syntropy’s ecosystem.

The value we bring

Syntropy solves two significant challenges with the current internet: speed and security.

Right now, your internet speed is controlled by your ISP and decades-old technologies. Syntropy adds smart-routing capabilities to your data, reducing latency and improving uptime. Our test network suggests that up to 70% of internet routes can be improved using our drop-in software solution.

Additionally, internet traffic isn’t secure by default under the current paradigm. When using Syntropy — which is entirely compatible with current internet protocols and infrastructure — all of your data is encrypted at the source. No extra VPNs are necessary.

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