From their convenient consumption to their wealth of information and interest, it’s no wonder that podcasts have taken the world by storm as one of the most popular trends in content. Whether it be for businesses, end users, strategic insight or entertainment, podcasts present the perfect medium, allowing individuals to listen in without taking time out of their busy lives.  

With the telecom and technology industries quickly jumping on the trend, we’re seeing shows pop up from a range of verticals, including IT Asset Disposition, with Liquid Technology’s Tech Bench Podcast; data centers, with DataGryd’s Interconnection Hub Podcast; and wider collaborative projects like NEDAS’s NEDAS Live! Podcast. Of course, many other companies still have yet to capitalize on this opportunity to spread brand recognition, connect with existing and potential audiences and drive engagement — but they probably aren’t far behind. 

Yet, it’s not enough to just create a podcast. Enterprises must ensure that they are creating quality content with a unique voice that will generate views and create positive impressions. To aid in this pursuit of intriguing and exciting content creation, companies like Podcast Row have emerged to help entrepreneurs connect with podcasters to align stories and ensure greater interest. Beyond that, however, there are many considerations to navigate when on the path to a great podcast, and it can be easy to get lost on the way. 

The Forbes Agency Council, a community of successful, diverse executives in PR, media, creative and advertising agencies, sought to guide businesses as they enter into the realm of podcasting, offering insider tips on how to ensure greater return in their recent blog. As an active member of the Forbes council, iMiller Public Relation’s Ilissa Miller offered a key bit of advice as well. 

Her counsel is this: build viral awareness. In the digital world, going viral is a common phrase, and most understand its weight. With the Internet’s ability to get a piece of news or other content circulating quickly and comprehensively around the world, everyone now wants to get that buzz going and experience the advantages it brings. 

How should enterprises go about this though? Going viral can often be a game of chance. Miller emphasizes the importance of using advocacy from all angles. She comments, “Every guest you host and every company they represent should be an advocate for promoting the program.” Each individual that touches the project brings with them a unique network, which means that as each person amplifies the message, it reaches a new audience, spreading the word more effectively than the enterprise alone could ever achieve. Beyond this, capitalizing on company newsletters, email and contact databases and social media channels all present fantastic ways to generate greater attention and give a podcast a boost in the market. 

Podcasts are undoubtedly a hot trend at the moment. Subsequently, the market is flooded with competing podcasts and inundated with countless voices, many of which are vying for the same audiences. Creating messages that are clear and concise and spreading them out as widely as possible is the key to unlocking engagement and creating a not-to-miss show that will drive new brand recognition and success along the way.  

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