Lam Cloud New LogoAll eyes in the tech world are now on Lam Cloud’s latest innovation: its Technology Campus, a five-story building where many different companies gather together in a co-working environment to meet, work, network, channel and partner together side by side.  Lam Cloud’s latest development represents a new paradigm in the business workplace environment, and is being heralded as a cutting-edge solution for entrepreneurs and startups to gather and grow together, yet independently.

Lam Cloud’s sprawling Technology Campus features 500,000 square feet of well-connected and state-of-the-art business space, enabling professionals to collaborate with potential investors, customers, students, colleagues, job seekers and business partners in a neutral and accessible environment.  Headquartered at 1 Farr View Drive in Cranbury, NJ, the campus lies within close geographic proximity to key metro markets such as New York City; Princeton, NJ; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; and Washington, D.C.

Lam Cloud Co-working Space

In addition to co-working space, the Technology Campus also features access to a comprehensive suite of Managed Services, executive technology offices, a raised-floor data center, 4,000+ Workplace Recovery seats (it is the largest WR facility on the East Coast), approximately 30,000 square feet of conference and trade show space, a lounge, as well as fitness and dining facilities.  Lam Cloud’s Technology Campus has everything a business needs to support the following activities:

Meetups: Suppose you are a virtual business gathering in the New York region for a week-long seminar. The Lam Cloud Technology Campus has everything you need for your team to function as one unit and network with other groups or potential customers and investors that may find value in your products and/or service.

Conferences: Why not host your next trade show in Lam Cloud’s conference and trade show center?  Instead of renting out a hotel conference room, the Technology Campus is able to house all of your staff in a working environment along with space for a speaker and approximately 2,500 vendors and guests to gather.

Collaboration Space: Tech lounges and meeting rooms provide a great space to network and collaborate on projects together.  This promotes brainstorming and facilitates forward-thinking strategies without the pressure of having to outsource or participate in excessive planning.

Alternative Workplace: Whether you need disaster recovery or workplace recovery, Lam Cloud’s facility can support your needs.  Furthermore, as an alternative office environment or additional location for your company’s needs, having access to hi-tech solutions to support your business in a well-fitted building can help provide your company with the right office environment for ongoing success.

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