Recurring charges for telecom services from carriers can seriously erode business gains. Keeping data available in real-time and on-demand, while maintaining redundancy in a safe remote facility, can become exceedingly costly. To do so typically requires substantial monthly fees to a service provider, or fussing with complicated networking gear.

But, in the 80’s, one person dedicated to bringing networking to the masses, Len Bosack, co-founder of Cisco, is at it again. This time, he is bringing the ability for companies to deploy their own optical transmission systems in an easy, cost-effective way. For metro, regional and long-distance networks, XKL’s Dark Star technology allows data network engineers to bypass expensive carrier services. XKL’s DarkStar product line, led by the flagship DXM Optical Transport System, is designed to allow enterprises to build private optical networks with massive bandwidth and achieve higher reliability, reduced cost and power, and more control over IT resources.

The key is in the simplicity of its design. XKL’s DWDM optical multiplexers are simple passive filters, not complex active devices that could fail. XKL goes further by not only filtering the light on the receiving side, but on the transmission side as well. This additional filtering protects a possibly defective channel in the system from disturbing any other channels.

XKL’s DarkStar Optical Transport Systems come with 2, 4 or 10 connection points supporting up to 10G of bandwidth per connection. Then bandwidth is further utilized by combining channels in a single point-to-point solution using XKL’s Bandwidth Combiner Devices, either 4–port or 6–port.

One of the biggest drawbacks to private fiber networks has been the need to amplify the signals at relatively close distances, making deployment of private networks outside of a campus or metro area cost prohibitive due to capital outlay (equipment), maintenance and operations costs. However, with the XKL DRA and DBA, amplifiers can now move data point-to-point up to 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles).

The design criteria for the DarkStar suite of plug and play products required it to be easy to deploy, simple to manage and reliable – ensuring data is sent at nearly the speed of light. In doing so, XKL provides dependable, cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions to enterprises managing their own optical network. Companies can break free of stifling re-occurring charges by taking control of their network using XKL’s DarkStar technology.