With the constant pressure on today’s enterprises to continue to optimize their IT assets and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), solutions that enable them to be more efficient and effective are critical.  Global Capacity allows customers the opportunity to  reach these goals and better focus on their core competencies through its automated, multi-vendor access network solutions.  These access network solutions leverage real-time, market-based data, providing expert information on reach to enable businesses the opportunity to consider implementing aggregation hubs at high capacity switching points, thus reducing the time to obtain and deliver networks globally.

At the heart of Global Capacity’s business model is the company’s One Marketplace Access Exchange, which provides a transparent and efficient way to buy and sell global access solutions.  The One Marketplace Access Exchange offers customers ubiquitous network reach, automated access network procurement and optimized access network solutions.

The One Marketplace Access Exchange offers users automated quoting of access network services, increases customer’s operational efficiency with real-time responses and reduces costs by providing competitive pricing. The key innovation of this online telecom marketplace is its ability to automate network pricing tables and manage unique business rules while delivering multiple, real-time service quotations combined with the gathering and reporting of extensive intelligence on market price, demand and supply. The One Marketplace Access Exchange not only provides quotes, it is an automated procurement system that enables purchasing, tracks provisioning and monitors delivery status for each circuit purchased through the platform. The marketplace provides transparency into access network pricing and visibility into available capacity across multiple vendors and geographies.

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace provides customers a means to extend their network reach. Through a single network interconnection, customers gain visibility into multiple carrier’s access network services, pricing and availability regardless of where they are located. With this functionality, customers are able to identify the local connectivity that they need, anytime, from anywhere.  One Marketplace maintains service information on more than 2,000 carriers in 195 countries, providing maximum reach and flexibility, as well as extensive pricing to help customers make well-informed decisions on which access network solution is right for them.

At the core of Global Capacity’s business is the company’s focus on optimizing customer’s access networks.  Global Capacity’s proprietary system algorithms, powered by the One Marketplace Access Exchange, analyze network connections by identifying  more efficient network solutions for off-net access services. This provides potential ways to save through grooming of existing networks to more efficient architecture, driving down access costs, improving bandwidth utilization and EBITDA performance, and optimizing overall network access connectivity.  By aggregating and outsourcing non-strategic, off-net network assets to Global Capacity, customers can reduce costs while simplifying operations, enabling them to re-focus efforts on maximizing on-net services to better serve their customers.  Through in-depth analysis, the Global Capacity team is able to identify excess capacity within existing network inventories and load the data  into the One Marketplace Access Exchange, where customers are able to monetize existing network assets, increasing revenue while effectively reducing the cost of that capacity.

To find out more about Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange, please visit www.globalcapacity.com.