Author: Ilissa Miller, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at iMiller Public Relations

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“You can do anything, but not everything,” cautions the widely recognized world’s leading expert on personal and organizational productivity, David Allen, in relation to the day-to-day demands of operating a business. Yes, armed with the right knowledge, skill set and experience, companies are capable of accomplishing virtually any strategic objective — within reason. However, requiring staff to take on every role at all times is not only difficult but also counterproductive.

Waist-deep in the digital age, companies striving to stay relevant are tasked daily with maintaining an online presence, media relations, social media engagement, creating and distributing content, event planning, establishing thought leadership and other communications efforts. Compounding the time and human resource-intensive demands of these activities, they must be executed simultaneously with daily business operations and strategic planning for future growth.

The most successful companies recognize this difficult balance as an opportunity to reach out for help. Public relations firms exist to take ownership of corporate communications for their clients, deploying teams of experienced professionals to deliver specialized services based on organizational needs. When a company calls upon the assistance of a Public Relations agency, this enables their people to focus on their core business.

Although a smart business decision for companies opting to execute an effective communications program, onboarding a public relations firm can present challenges. For example, a given agency may not be synched with a client’s nuanced brand attributes, leading to dissonance in strategic planning, messaging or implementation. To eliminate this issue, it is critical to keep your PR firm apprised of all initiatives related to marketing your products and services, inviting them to participate in annual planning sessions, educating them on current company goals and objectives, and together formulating a communications strategy that is consistent with the company’s mission and positioning.

Yearly evaluations are also critical to ensuring success when turning your communications over to a PR firm. By monitoring progress through periodic evaluations, the company and agency can recognize areas in which strategies and tactics excel, and others that require modification and improvement.

iMiller Public Relations assists companies to refine their overall value proposition by shaping messages and developing a comprehensive communications strategy that encompasses a complete set of traditional and digital practices. Our goal is to help organizations raise awareness and win more business.

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