Originally posted to Data Center POST,

By Tomas Rahkonen, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Flexenclosure

Consumers in off-grid areas are rapidly increasing their use of mobile internet services. At the same time, they not only expect service to become more reliable, but they also want network coverage to expand and prices for mobile data plans to decrease too. This is a big ask for mobile operators struggling to achieve base station profitability when they have no access to a reliable power grid. So what’s the solution?

Reliable hybrid power systems for cell sites, such as Flexenclosure’s eSite x10, which use one or more power sources with batteries for energy storage are the answer. In order to maximize base station profitability though, simply installing a hybrid power system will not be enough, as the only way to keep energy costs as low as possible is with access to detailed, reliable and centralized site data. Here are the top three uses for data to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of a hybrid power deployment across a network of sites.

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