Originally published to ROOT Data Center’s blog.

Every experienced runner knows that there’s a cost in waiting to replace worn shoes. They’ve got 300 KM on them, but still, they lace up, they have a heel and a toe. What’s the worry? Then, not long afterwards there’s an impact on speed, output, even pain that leads to injuries that can take months to heal. At this point, you know it absolutely: the equipment is past its prime and you’re paying the price.

IT professionals know the analogy holds true when it comes to server technology. In short: old hardware comes with a cost.

Some can be difficult to quantify. There’s the hours of waiting for applications to load, impacting productivity; there’s the fact that older servers are more susceptible to malfunction and require more maintenance. At the same time, it becomes harder and harder to source staff with the skill sets for maintaining older equipment and software. Finally, the fact that once the equipment is outside the warranty period, you’re essentially playing Russian roulette with the tech that’s foundational to your business.

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