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Boo Van Alstyne - UbersmithIncreasingly, data center managers are being asked to bill out – or chargeback – to business units for services provided. This sort of subscription billing is not trivial. Consider, too, that data center managers are responsible for overall management of the infrastructure, which includes having an inventory of all components and software, as well as tracking and responding to all help requests from users. All of this tracking and reporting can be overwhelming.

More than a decade ago, the Ubersmith software was developed as an in-house billing, help desk and data center monitoring tool for a hosting provider. Since then, it has expanded into an independent company supplying software for data centers and cloud-related service providers. With its release of version 4.0, Ubersmith delivers new features for integrated subscription billing, services pricing, infrastructure management and help desk ticketing, along with an upgraded user interface.

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