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Electronic Environment Infrastructure SolutionsLast week at 7×24 Exchange in Boca Raton, The Uptime Institute presentation “Start With The End in Mind” promoted the methodology of leveraging Operations teams in the planning and design phases of data center construction, retrofits and upgrades.

As a company that has specialized in integrated, design, build and management of mission critical infrastructure for almost three decades, EEC couldn’t agree more!

Whether a new construction or an upgrade, the benefits are compelling and include reduced costs, fewer change orders, a more timely roll-out, improved ROI and minimized risk factors in the first year, to name a few. Benefits exist throughout the rest of the data center lifecycle, too, including planning for service clearances around equipment, incorporating battery monitoring systems, ATS and UPS voltage settings, monitoring, circuit breaker coordination, energy efficiency, and more.

EEC Uptime InstituteThe Integrated Capital Project Plan from Uptime Institute’s presentation graphically represents how Operations can influence all phases of the construction timeline. © 2014 Uptime Institute.

Thinking of design-build-operate as a fully integrated, ongoing process helps to ensure that performance metrics of the data center can be met – which is ultimately what is most important. The life of the data center alone greatly exceeds the time it takes to build a data center and should be the main focus. More importantly, there is business and revenue production resulting from operations. Thinking with the end in mind, we are focused on efficiency, and risk reduction from the beginning so we can realize the full value of the data center.

To learn more about this approach please visit the Uptime Institute web site to view a “Start With The End In Mind” recorded webinar (http://uptimeinstitute.com/professional-services/webinar-series) or download the similarly titled white paper (http://uptimeinstitute.com/component/docman/doc_download/56-start-with-the-end-in-mind)

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