Silver BulletThese days, everyone is concerned about going green to create a sustainable work environment.  While the movement’s roots lie in large commercial buildings and residential dwellings, the trend is quickly spreading throughout the data center industry.  One organization that helps businesses facilitate environmentally friendly business practices is the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).  Through its comprehensive, points-based LEED certification system, data center owners can claim both resource efficiency and environmental responsibility as part of their operational practices.

As important as the LEED certification process is, however, there is one thing it does not require: safe water, typically recycled for cooling purposes.  Water treatment is a crucial step of the LEED process that often gets overlooked. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help data centers become LEED certified while ensuring safe water recycling.  It’s called the Silver Bullet System.

Silver Bullet Cooling TowerThe Silver Bullet System is an electro-chemical water treatment device that uses hydrogen peroxide and a negative ion charge to purify water as an organization pumps it.  Silver Bullet easily attaches to existing cooling towers and requires no additional construction or cost to deploy, making it a cost-effective way that data center providers can clean up the environment and get certified at the same time.

The Silver Bullet System can help data centers gain as many as 88 LEED credits under either the current LEED 2009 Standard or the forthcoming v4 Standard, which will launch this November.  The extent of possible credits earned is largely dependent upon the current state of the end-user facilities and their building classifications (i.e. existing buildings or new construction and private or commercial properties, etc.).

Thanks to the Silver Bullet System, customers can gain LEED points for optimizing their energy efficiency and performance, measuring water performance, improving water efficiency, and achieving efficient cooling tower water use.  Additionally, Silver Bullet’s water treatment technology contributes toward satisfying LEED credits by enabling effective water metering in order to adjust bleed rates and maintain proper concentration at all times, potable/non-potable water analyses, appliance and process water use reduction, proper chemical treatment and biological control for cooling towers, and much, much more.

For a detailed look at how the Silver Bullet System can help your data center facility earn LEED credits, please click here.