Webair announced today that it is launching its latest service concept aimed at packaging carrier neutral cloud infrastructure with bundled hosting services, all in a simplified format that provides the many benefits of cloud computing with the advantage of complete carrier neutrality. The solution delivers truly transparent access from Cloud environments to thousands of transit and transport providers through a proprietary Cloud Cross Connect technology.

While technology adoption ripples through industry, the appeal of efficiency, cost savings, scalability and reliability are furthered with the flexibility and freedom of a cloud hosting environment, while providing total control over all network infrastructure and carrier choices.

The Premise

In the late 1990s physical data center infrastructure became disassociated from particular carriers. The result was increased competition among carriers, greater consumer choice among business owners, lower bandwidth costs and more reliable services. Then cloud computing came along and businesses faced decision points between the computing scalability of the cloud, or the network freedom of physical infrastructure

The Webair Carrier Neutral Cloud solution offers scalable cloud computing services with complete carrier neutrality, allowing clients the best of both worlds. Clients configure any combination of transit or transport providers to directly connect to their computing infrastructure. This allows businesses with already established carrier relationships to utilize them in a cloud deployment with a truly open access environment. Options to work with providers based on metrics that matter to their unique needs, such as latency, route preferences, proven stability, or cost are left to their own specification. Further, strategies to aggregate commitments and consolidate contracts can more readily be executed.

Barriers are removed and clients win the unique ability to custom build a truly multi-homed cloud environment using any carriers they prefer. Webair’s Carrier Neutral Cloud services are currently available in the NYC metro area. For more information, visit http://www.webair.com/webhosting-cloud-fusion.html or email sales@webair.com. Follow Webair on Twitter: @WebairInc and Facebook: www.facebook.com/WebairHosting.