webairlogo_600x150Leading colocation and managed solutions provider Webair recently announced a strategic partnership with software-defined networking (SDN) provider Megaport that will offer many advantages to its Dedicated Server, Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud customers.

The partnership, which will utilize Megaport’s dedicated elastic connectivity, will enable Webair customers to directly connect their hosted infrastructure from Webair’s Tier III, Long Island-based data center to third-party, hosted cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.

In effect, Webair’s NY1 customers will receive the following benefits:

  • Premium connectivity: Customers will gain access to direct, secure, predictable, QoS-based connectivity that also comes with the promise of low latency.
  • Flexible workload management: The partnership will allow customers to easily move, mix and match workloads between their hosted and cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Improved security: Now, Webair’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services can be used in conjunction with third-party cloud services for enhanced security.
  • Better Disaster Recovery (DR): Webair now offers the ability to offer DR services running from Webair to third-party cloud services, and third-party cloud services to Webair. It should also be noted that Webair resides outside of the New York City blast zone, and contains critical Manhattan bypass fiber.

Additionally, Webair’s customers can now quickly and easily access Megaport’s rich ecosystem of service providers, thus garnering them a greater amount of choice and flexibility for accessing critical cloud and data services.

“[The partnership with] Megaport allows us to deepen our hybrid cloud offerings,” explained Webair CTO Sagi Brody following the announcement. “The Megaport fabric makes it simple and easy for our customers to access public cloud and data services.”

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