Originally posted on NEDAS

Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics, recently sat down with Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS and CEO of iMiller Public Relations, to discuss the company and its offerings. Wilson Electronics provides cell phone signal amplification solutions for residential and commercial applications. This interview discussed the challenges of delivering reliable signal amplification in today’s world.

Boosters, more formally known as repeaters, are a technology that helps amplify a signal for a consumer’s car, home, or outdoor network. They work by having an outside antenna that captures the signal from a macro cell tower and carries it down to a data cable to an amplifier inside the building or vehicle. The amplifier then amplifies the signal in the low band and broadcasts it to an indoor antenna. The same process works in reverse when the phone or modem device communicates to the indoor antenna.

Wilson Electronics, a company specializing in boosters, has pioneered much of the technology to keep signals from oscillating to prevent this from happening. This same type of system can be used in enterprise locations, such as large retail stores. In this case, one outside antenna picks up the signal from a local macro tower and broadcasts to multiple indoor antennas, covering the whole store. Lancaster notes that “C-band, mid-band, and millimeter-wave” all work similarly, just with different frequencies. This technology is essential for consumers who want to have an amplified signal in their home or office without worrying about spotty service.

When asked about Wilson Electronics’ mission, Lancaster said, “our mission, and my mission, is really to connect everyone everywhere, right? I believe the world is a better place when we’re able to stay in great communication and discuss our challenges and issues and differences, collaborate where we all agree, and really make the world a safer, richer, and more welcoming place. So I think communication is one of those key things that we strive to improve every day.”

Lancaster went on to say, “If the pandemic taught us nothing, it did teach us that having reliable and effective communications infrastructure will keep us connected, even if we can’t physically. We’ve learned how to do so many things in ways that we didn’t think we could, you know, birthdays online and all these, you know, sharing movies and whatnot. And it’s because of, you know, companies like Wilson Electronics that, you know, help us to be able to use all this.”

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