By Ilissa Miller, Founder and CEO, iMiller Public Relations

Today’s channel leaders are not just fraught with competition from other companies, but also faced with the complexities of new technologies. As more companies transition their businesses to the Cloud, the convenience of buying services anywhere at any time is changing the way companies do business. This is a key factor in the success of Global Capacity’s Channel Program and the mindset of its leadership in delivering on its promise of Connectivity Made Simple™. 

One of the company’s leaders who was instrumental in growing Global Capacity’s Channel Program is Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Global Marketing. As a personal friend, a professional colleague and an industry veteran with whom I have had the opportunity to work across multiple companies over the past decade, I’ve witnessed Mary continue to explore ways to leverage technology and synergies to simplify the way companies work together. This is the cornerstone of Mary’s achievements and why being named to CRN’s 2017 Women of the Channel list is so well-deserved. While in any company an individual’s contribution is but one part in many affecting a program’s ultimate success, it is through CRN’s Women of the Channel’s recognition of Mary that we can celebrate the accomplishment of Global Capacity’s Channel Program.

Through partnerships with Master Agents such as Intelisys, Telarus, and most recently announced on April 5, 2017, PlanetOne Communications, partners including NSi, Bridgepoint Technologies, and OneTel are winning deals and growing their business. These growing partnerships not only highlight Global Capacity’s strategic value in enabling its Channel Partners but also its Hybrid SD-WAN solution capabilities for Global Enterprises, which was characterized by Light Reading as a “holistic approach.”  It is this solution that also highlights Global Capacity’s unique marketplace model delivered through its One Marketplace™ platform. Being able to provide global enterprises with access to multi-site hybrid connectivity options is the key to business enablement for any multinational corporation.

In speaking with Mary directly about the program and the accolades Global Capacity has recently received, she reiterated the management team’s mindset on keeping the focus on strategic initiatives and not just day-to-day opportunities.

“Global Capacity’s toolset facilitates strategic long-term business relationships that emphasize customer service along with the mindset of partnership enablement,” commented Mary Stanhope during our discussion. “While technology is important and our platform enables real-time WAN design, pricing and provisioning capabilities across over 160 interconnected suppliers, Global Capacity is also focused on the human touch, which will always be essential for the best customer experience.”

Channel programs inherently comprise layers of complexities to get a solution designed and implemented for the specific needs of that shared customer. It doesn’t surprise me that Mary’s hands-on approach to delivering solutions through a customer-centric and high-touch relationship has been recognized. During her tenure at Global Capacity, she has brought creativity, professional drive, and keen technological insight into the ways people can better transact network solutions. Global Capacity’s Channel Program keeps all of these elements in mind as it enables channel partners the opportunity to grow their business by leveraging an experienced business team and the best networking solutions through an easy-to-use access interface. It is this marketplace development, showcased through Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform, which has helped to transform wide area networking (WAN). Today, Global Capacity’s solutions are at the forefront of innovation, helping partners and enterprises alike leverage the latest technology to implement smart solutions that reduce costs and improve performance.

Congratulations, Mary, on a well-earned accolade for you personally, professionally and on behalf of Global Capacity. Best wishes for continued success as Global Capacity simplifies the way channels and businesses design, order, buy and manage connectivity.