Originally posted on Data Center POST

XKL LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of layer 1 optical transport systems, has announced the full release of its DQM400, 4-port optical muxponder system. Now available for all markets, this easy-to-install 4-port system was engineered for network operators to make it easier and faster to scale while also providing cost-saving opportunities. The XKL muxponder will be showcased at the North American Network Operator’s Group meeting  (NANOG 88) from June 12-14, 2023, in Seattle, WA. 

Network operators and IT teams spend much of their time dealing with network downtime and managing complex network infrastructures. These tasks are time-consuming and challenging enough, and are being accomplished while under increasing threat from security attacks. Disruptions in network availability can lead to productivity loss, revenue impact, and customer dissatisfaction. XKL’s DQM-400 system simplifies moving data over fiber, consolidating capabilities while alleviating unnecessary complexities. 

XKL’s DQM-400 system has a plethora of uses for network operators. The DQM-400 is able to install and deploy in a matter of minutes, providing simplified network integration, demonstrating an unprecedented level of ease of install/use, and will immediately help improve data security. With optimal fiber utilization providing unmatched adaptability, DQM-400 systems are also reliable and durable, designed for continuous and uninterrupted data transmission. The system’s power-efficient design reduces energy consumption, lowering operational costs.  

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