Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for infrastructure owners and developers, recently announced their collaboration with ZenFi Networks, an innovative, locally-owned and operated communications infrastructure company serving the New York and New Jersey metro region. ZenFi Networks will be implementing the Sitetracker Platform to effectively manage multiple teams designing, building and maintaining high-volume small cell and fiber assets.

ZenFi Networks will leverage Sitetracker’s utilities to complement their own accommodating support services, nimble problem solving and deep industry experience. Characteristics like these allow the company to quickly overcome hurdles and navigate challenging construction logistics to meet the ever-growing network access demands of their customers.

After a recent merger with Cross River Fiber, ZenFi Networks is the leading and most experienced communications infrastructure provider in the New York and New Jersey metro region, with 700 route miles of fiber-optic network, 119 on-net buildings, 47 colocation facilities and nearly 6,000 outdoor wireless locations under contract. ZenFi Networks is committed to expertly meeting the demand for next generation network access by building, owning and maintaining a world-class fiber optic network, distributed colocation and wireless siting solutions for enterprise, carrier and wireless operators.

Employing Sitetracker’s project management solutions will allow ZenFi Networks to power the successful deployment of critical infrastructure and strategically scale their operations and project deployment. Sitetracker was chosen by ZenFi Networks for its ability to drive alignment across the company’s operations, end-to-end, by gathering data and updates from the field as projects progress. Vincenzo Clemente, President and Chief Operating Officer at ZenFi Networks, states, “The ability to track and report project and site data in real time greatly enhances our capabilities. Sitetracker’s superior functionality provides us with the dynamic tool we needed to continue growing our business.”

Sitetracker’s project management software will ensure that ZenFi Networks is operating at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency as they work towards a more connected world. A range of benefits including reduced time spent on project management and faster time to ROI on their deployments will allow the ZenFi Networks team to more effectively design and build the future of fiber throughout New York and New Jersey.