According to the New York City Internet Master Plan, approximately 40% of New York City households lack the combination of home and mobile broadband internet connectivity. Among that group, 18% of residents, accounting for over 1.5 million people, currently lack both in their neighborhoods. In today’s continuously evolving digital age, people simply need internet access for everyday life. Fast, reliable, and affordable broadband is not a luxury, it’s an essential utility for learning, working, public health, and to ensure all people can thrive, especially in a post-COVID world. The Wi-Fi NOW Awards encourage companies that produce outstanding results in the Wi-Fi industry, or bring unique innovation to Wi-Fi startups to submit.

ZenFi Networks, a BAI Communications Company, an innovative leader of digital infrastructure solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro region, recently announced that the company has been shortlisted for both the “Affordable Connectivity” and “Best Wi-Fi Service Provider” awards by Wi-Fi NOW. The winners will be announced at the Wi-Fi NOW Awards Gala taking place on Monday, December 12, 2022 at 7 pm CET. 

ZenFi Networks is being considered for both the “Affordable Connectivity” and “Best Wi-Fi Service Provider” award due to the company’s various initiatives focused on social good to benefit local communities in the New York metro region. These initiatives include expanding free outdoor public Wi-Fi through its partnership in the LinkNYC program, building millions of feet of neutral fiber infrastructure to traditionally underserved neighborhoods of New York City, and delivering on its promise of being an open access infrastructure provider by enabling wholesale carriers, mobile network operators, and virtual mobile network operators access to wireless siting, fiber networks, and network edge colocation opportunities outside the core business districts of Manhattan. 

Additionally in 2022, ZenFi Networks has helped officially launch the debut of three Gigabit Centers across New York City, including Harlem, Queens, the first in Harlem, the second coming in the Bronx, as well as in Queens most recently. These centers are set to provide a mix of high-speed internet, technology innovation, technology training and small business development powered by the free LinkNYC public Wi-Fi network. In addition there will be digital literacy training, free access to laptops and workstations, and other services.

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