In an industry as ever changing as the wireless one, strong leadership is a key component of success as companies navigate different challenges year after year. Earlier this week, ZenFi Networks (ZenFi), a BAI Communications Company (BAI), and innovative leader of digital infrastructure solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro region, announced the promotions of Patrick O’Hare to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Robert Sokota to President of Link Solutions. As the company looks to solidify its position as a leading connected infrastructure provider in North America, O’Hare and Sokota will help strengthen the company’s capabilities and further the reach of its network architecture solutions throughout the NY- NJ area, and beyond.

Patrick ‘Pat’ O’Hare, an industry veteran and accomplished senior executive with extensive knowledge of network infrastructure throughout the Northeast, will take over the role of President and COO of ZenFi Networks. As a key founding member of ZenFi’s management team, O’Hare brings deep insights to this role while leveraging his long tenure in the industry. As COO, he will oversee ZenFi’s operational vision, empowering wireless siting solutions for mobile, wholesale, and enterprise applications throughout ZenFi’s expanding fiber and mobile infrastructure footprint.

Robert Sokota has also served as a key team member of the ZenFi Networks management team since 2014, when he played a leading role in the execution of Cross River Fiber’s merger with ZenFi. He has served as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer, and, since June of 2021, Sokota served as the President of CityBridge’s Wireless Division, where he played a key role in developing the company’s partnership with LinkNYC and the Link5G project. In his new role as President of Link Solutions, Sokota will lead the expansion of the Link5G project and its powerful multi-tenant wireless solutions throughout New York City and beyond to new markets. He will also continue to spearhead partnerships with CityBridge, Intersection, and others.

Link5G is a next-generation solution designed to further enable the world’s largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi Network, LinkNYC. The Link5G project is a revolutionary multi-tenant, multi-service siting solution designed to bridge the digital divide and accelerate the pace of 5G deployments across New York City. Technology and tenant agnostic, Link5G is the solution for wireless networks across New York City.  

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