ZenFiLeading carrier-neutral fronthaul fiber provider, ZenFi, recently made an exciting announcement. Its highly scalable and flexible dark fiber solutions — the Metro Cross-Connects and Access Network — are now available for immediate turn-up in New York City’s largest carrier hotels, providing extended connectivity to the Bronx.

Metro Cross-Connects offers connectivity to 18 New Jersey-based data centers and is available for immediate turn-up at 111 8th Avenue, 85 10th Avenue, 60 Hudson Street, 325 Hudson Street and 75 Broad Street.

The ZenFi Access Network provides customers with extended connectivity throughout the Bronx and back into Manhattan. It’s a specially-designed neighborhood network and colocation model, designed to provide widely distributed network equipment colocation and interconnection services.

As ZenFi President and CEO Ray LaChance explained following the announcement, ZenFi has created a pervasive dark fiber network unlike anything previously available in the New York City area.

“By establishing colo-to-colo connectivity between Manhattan’s largest carrier hotels and extending our Access Network to the Bronx, ZenFi is enabling enhanced wireless connectivity and the Internet of Things in New York, allowing customers to connect anywhere in the city on a dedicated, dark fiber platform,” stated Mr. LaChance.

The ZenFi network was designed to support densification requirements for wireless service providers, bringing together a greater number of in-building and outdoor Distributed Antennae System (DAS) remotes, macro sites, Wi-Fi access points and Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) to users for improved bandwidth usage and network accessibility.

The Access Network works in conjunction with ZenFi’s core carrier Express Network to deliver low latency, high-capacity connectivity between business centers, carrier hotels and enterprise sites.

This provides the necessary bandwidth backbone to support the Internet of Things, and allows customers to reach locations easier and more affordably.

Moving forward, expect ZenFi to continue expanding its network services into the City’s remaining boroughs including Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens.

The ZenFi team is attending International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2016 in Chicago, May 8-11.  To schedule a meeting with ZenFi during the conference, please email ZenFi@imillerpr.com.  For more information about ZenFi, visit www.ZenFi.com or email info@ZenFi.com.