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TeliaSonera International Carrier Update on Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the wholesale carrier community recognizes that there may be network operators challenged to provide services due to power failures, flooding and lack of fuel.  TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC), a global wholesale provider of Internet and Private Line solutions is currently fully operational in all three of its New York Metro data centers including:  111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson Street in New York and 165 Halsey in New Jersey.  Each location has capacity to deliver IP, transmission and wavelength solutions as a primary or redundant connection to ensure network delivery.

As one of the world’s largest global IP backbone providers and a global Tier 1 network operator, TSIC owns, operates and manages its own network throughout Asia, the US and Europe including Russia.  Its network is highly resilient and can deliver speeds up to 100 Gbps, ensuring high bandwidth data is delivered efficiently.  To learn about how TSIC can help your company get and stay connected, contact

Global Capacity Welcomes Ben Edmond to Its Executive Team

Former FiberLight, Inc. President of Sales and Marketing, Ben Edmond, recently joined Global Capacity’s executive team as its new Chief Revenue Officer. In this capacity, Mr. Edmond is responsible for managing the organization’s revenue generation, including all aspects of developing previously untapped business opportunities, sales and marketing.

“We are extremely pleased that Ben has agreed to join the Global Capacity executive team,” comments Jack Lodge, President of Global Capacity.  “Ben’s strong leadership and successful track record in customer relationships and profitable revenue growth will be a welcome addition to Global Capacity as it enters its next phase of growth.”

Mr. Edmond also expressed his excitement in joining Global Capacity by stating:  “Global Capacity has become a market leader by providing innovative access network solutions to extend our customers reach, economics and network performance. I look forward to continuing to broaden our customer base and enable customers to leverage One Marketplace automation and connectivity to build private networks that enable them to extend their reach in this historically fragmented market.”

Although his role at Global Capacity may be a new professional experience, Mr. Edmond is no stranger to supporting the consistent growth of enterprise-level organizations. Drawing on 15+ years of proven sales, marketing and leadership experience in the telecom industry, he holds quite the impressive professional résumé.

In his role at FiberLight, one of the fastest growing optical transport services and infrastructure providers in the US, he was responsible for successfully and strategically steering a national carrier and enterprise sales team located across 15 major metro markets. Prior to joining FiberLight in 2008, Mr. Edmond served as the owner and President of Telecom Inventory. From 1999 to 2007, he held the roles of VP of Marketing for Time Warner Telecom and VP of Marketing for Xspedius Communications.

Mr. Edmond also possesses a Master of Science in International Business from St. Louis University as well as a BSBA in International Business & Finance from Northeastern University.

To learn more about Global Capacity, visit or follow Global Capacity on Twitter @global_capacity.


Jack Pressman Talks Cost at IMN’s 3rd Annual Forum On Financing, Investing and Real Estate Development for Data Centers

The Information Management Network (IMN) Forum on Financing, Investing and Real Estate Development for Data Centers is in its third year of keeping the IT industry up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends and topics associated with data centers, including demand dynamics, and interesting perspectives from both wholesalers and major colocation players. The forum takes place November 29-30 in Santa Clara, CA at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

So why should you attend? Well for starters, attendees will be in good company. Past IMN Fall events of 2010 and 2011 have brought together 250+ senior executives from the world’s prominent IT organizations – and this year’s event is shaping up to the most successful one yet.  In addition to the forum serving as a valuable educational tool, it also facilitates data center growth and business development by offering endless networking opportunities. Lastly, the conference features approximately 15 engaging panel discussions spanning the topics most important to today’s data center owners, tenants, investors, capital and service providers, including vendor partnerships, branding & marketing, infrastructure and asset management, and many more. Among these discussions is the “Cost Drivers: TCO, CAPX, OPX” Panel.

The “Cost Drivers: TCO, CAPX, OPX” Panel, taking place at 3:40 pm on day 1 of the event, hones in on the financial aspects associated with data center operations, including budgeting, decreasing transaction costs, tax, structuring of data center staff, and property consolidation. Moderated by RampRate Sourcing Advisors and DeepStrat Digital Growth Strategies CEO, Todd Greenberg, the panel also features some of telecom’s key players; one of them being featured executive panelist Jack Pressman, CEO of Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), a premier enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider.

With over 25 years in strategic-level IT management and two successful start-ups, it’s safe to say Mr. Pressman knows a thing or two about successful data center operations. His expertise was proven yet again on September 11, 2012, when CIL brought to market Cloud in a Vault (CiaV), its proven Cloud data management and networking solution. The technology is backed by CIL’s own 2N, Tier 3+, SSAE 16 Type II compliant data center, and was made commercially available following nearly nine months of rigorous testing and successful deployments within multiple enterprises across the globe.

“As the primary support entity of the Cloud, data centers have become increasingly popular following the recent and significant growth of Cloud computing. Successfully establishing a data center is one thing, profitably managing and operating is quite another,” comments Mr. Pressman. “Today’s owners and operators need to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the financial aspects behind data centers, and the Cost Drivers Panel does a great job of exploiting them. It is a true honor to be able to share my knowledge and serve as an executive panelist at the 2012 IMN Forum on Financing, Investing and Real Estate Development for Data Centers.”

Mr. Pressman will also be joined by fellow panel participants John Clune, President of Cavern Technologies, Brent Smolinski, Associate Principal of McKinsey & Company, Mark Bilton-Smith, President of Rio Networks, and John Sabey, President of Sabey Data Center Properties.

To learn about Cyber Innovation Labs visit  For more information about IMN’s Forum on Financing, Investing and Real Estate Development for Data Centers visit; to register, click here.


A Must Read If You’re Considering Hiring a Public Relations Firm

stk27458sigPublic Relations is a powerful entity.  It provides companies with a voice and ensures that this voice is heard.  However, many companies struggle with their Public Relations strategies.  Through hiring an outside Public Relations firm of industry experts, this struggle will vanish and your company’s will be taken to a new octave.

Outsourcing your company’s public relations will provide insight into the competitive landscape, messaging and knowledge of your industry.  This insight and competitive edge helps provide companies with a clear and unique message, allowing them to stand out above the rest.  Through extensive media and analyst relationships, your outsourced public relations firm will offer opportunities to gain access to the right target markets with the right messages.  Although insight and important relationships are crucial components of a successful PR campaign, consistency will keep your company’s name and message on the top of your audience’s minds.

In the busy, fast paced tempo of today’s workforce, your company may not have time to consistently push out important news stories or messages on a consistent basis.  However, one press release, one eBlast or one posting is just not enough!  Outsourcing your PR to a knowledgeable firm will allow for this consistency to occur.  Consistent outreach will ensure that your company stories and messages are heard.

A key characteristic and specialty of Public Relations firms is creativity.  Creativity is a colossal part of Public Relations and this outside of the box thinking will help separate your company from the rest.  While individual companies tend to think from the inside out, Public Relations firms think from the outside in, providing your company with the best overall creativity and knowledge, in relation to your industry.  Outsourced PR firms, because they specialize in a specific industry, encompass true insider knowledge into leveraging opportunities available at conferences and events, to ensure comprehensive strategic participation.

Although it is important to attend conferences and events, wouldn’t it be nice to know the “who’s who” of the show and speak with them personally?  PR firms, due to their industry expertise, have built relationships beyond an individual company.  These relationships offer opportunities for your company to reach different vertical markets and further educate with the right messages to market insiders.  Your company will also gain the opportunity to naturally network an industry ecosystem by leveraging relationships that the firm has with other companies to benefit new business opportunities.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, where should your company even begin? How do you gain a social media presence in this “new” realm?  Well, PR firms have the answers to these questions and many more when it comes to social media.  They not only know who to follow, but their firm itself is followed by relevant target media, analysts and industry insiders.  With your outsourced PR firm, your company’s messages will reach who they need to and beyond.  Similar to social media messages, outsourced PR firms provide comprehensive, consistent and complimentary market messaging that reaches customers through influencers, educators, direct buyers and competitors effectively.