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Vote for iMPR Director of Technical Writing, Joanna Styczen!

logoWe are incredibly excited to announce that iMiller Public Relations Director of Technical Writing, Joanna Styczen, is being recognized as a “Rising Star” in the digital marketing community. She has been nominated for the Outbrain 2015 Rising Star award alongside other influential industry professionals. This award is given to outstanding members of the community who have proven themselves as leaders in the industry with a high level of proficiency in the art of brand storytelling through original and creative content.

The Why and How of Working with a Public Relations Firm

Author: Ilissa Miller, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at iMiller Public Relations

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“You can do anything, but not everything,” cautions the widely recognized world’s leading expert on personal and organizational productivity, David Allen, in relation to the day-to-day demands of operating a business. Yes, armed with the right knowledge, skill set and experience, companies are capable of accomplishing virtually any strategic objective — within reason. However, requiring staff to take on every role at all times is not only difficult but also counterproductive.

Crisis and Reputation Management In the Age of Social Media

Author: Sarah Marsden, Social Media Manager at iMiller Public Relations

IMPR logo copy-resized-600“There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” P.T. Barnum, the 19th century American showman and businessman, once famously said. Nevertheless, ask the shareholders of BP and Volkswagen, two companies that suffered precipitous falls in their market price as result of worldwide publicizing of their recent difficulties, and they might not agree. For most organizations, especially in the age of social media, if you are the talk of the town, the reasons why do matter. That’s because bad news always has the potential to negatively impact your business standing and brand, particularly if malfeasance, or the perception of it, is involved.

What is a Press Kit?

Originally posted on Linkedin Pulse by Ilissa Miller

IMPR logo copy-resized-600A press kit is a presentation of your company’s products and services in a hard-copy or electronic format. If you choose to create an electronic press kit, please keep all information including brochures and data sheets in a Word document format versus a hard-copy PDF – so it is easier for a journalist or analyst to capture the information they need for a story or news item directly from your materials. Many companies provide both a word and PDF version of documents to give the media a choice. The presentation of your electronic materials is equally important as printed materials. If a physical hand-off is required or expected we suggest that you provide materials on a branded USB drive so a journalist or analyst can easily identify which company’s materials are on the drive and can choose the format they prefer.

Last Chance: Rates Increase January 16 for NANOG 63

NANOG Rate Increase

“Writing for Success Webinar” to Take Place December 11, 2014

iMiller Public Relations to Present on the Essentials of Effective Business Writing

IMPR_logo-3NEW YORK, NY – November 25, 2014 – iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), a results-driven, independent public relations and marketing consulting firm, presents “Writing for Success”, taking place Thursday, December 11, 2014 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM EST. The hour-long webinar is free to attend and will cover key considerations, best practices and quality standards for effective, engaging and grammatically correct business writing.

Attending NANOG 61 in Bellevue, WA? Meet with Open-IX

Open-IXRecord numbers of attendees are gathered at this week’s NANOG 61 conference, taking place at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue in Bellevue, WA until Wednesday, June 4.  Open-IX Association’s (OIX) Vice Chairman of the Board, Daniel Golding, and Co-Founder and Treasurer, Martin Hannigan, are amongst them.  In addition to their roles at OIX, Mr. Golding also serves as the Vice President of Data Center Operations at Iron Mountain, while Mr. Hannigan is the head of Network and Data Architecture at Akamai Technologies, Inc.

A Look Back: Key Messages From ITW 2014

iMiller Public RelationsThe excitement surrounding International Telecoms Week (ITW) is always palpable as the wholesale telecommunications community convenes for various networking opportunities and conference sessions.  iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) and its customers made their presence known at the seventh annual event, which took place May 11-14 in Chicago.

This year’s event kicked off with the ITW Official Opening, featuring a riveting keynote by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and one of TIME magazine’s ‘Top 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century’.  Here’s a recap of his most salient points: 

Oscar Wins Steal Headlines – If You’re Not Careful, Your PR Firm Could Too

sb10067962bd-001New customer wins are a great way to promote your firm, so are case studies, examples and awards.  In the case of the Oscars last night, the winning films, producers, actors and actresses received the frontline attention.  Kudos to the publicity firms that did their job effectively, garnering their clients the win of a lifetime.  While their clients shine in the spotlight, PR professionals diligently oversee and execute in the background – ensuring no item of the publicity campaign is overlooked and that their client earns maximum recognition.  But what happens when the fine lines between ethics and integrity are blurred?  Is it appropriate for a publicity firm to tout its name in the headlines when it’s their clients that won?  Is it acceptable for publicity firms to headline the news when the job they were hired to do was successful?

Public Relations is the art of effectively communicating your clients’ messages to the greater public, including the media, analysts, consumers and other businesses.  Representing a company is a treasure; it is a relationship based on trust.  Each day, publicists tout the news and accomplishments of their clients: ‘Client Wins National Book Award’, ‘Agency Y PR Announces Three New Clients’, etc.  These standard PR announcements are released for a multitude of reasons:  1) they announce to the public that there are new firms the PR agencies will be talking about;  2) they bring the attention to awards and opportunities for its industry;  3) they send a congratulatory message to and for clients, with the client names in the headlines.  So, when the publicity or Public Relations firm ‘steals’ the spotlight, touting their success in getting their clients the win, what does that mean for the art of what we do as a whole?