2018 was a landmark year for Aqua Comms.

Not only was there continued success with its AEC-1 cable, firmly established now as one of the primary long-term Atlantic cables of choice for the content, OTT and carrier community, but there was also the announcement in February of Aqua Comms’ participation in the HAVFRUE consortium to build a new Trans-Atlantic cable connecting NJFX in New Jersey to Ireland, Denmark and Norway.

There was further exciting news of two new subsea build projects: the Celtix Connect-2 (CC-2) cable across the Irish Sea to complement our existing CC-1 cable, and North Sea Connect connecting Denmark to the UK, the first new technology cable to connect Scandinavia to the UK avoiding London. Both are now under way with surveys 90% complete and manufacturing under way.

These announcements reaffirm Aqua Comms’ commitment to investing in efficient subsea infrastructure, with these cables combining to deliver a resilient, dual-path network creating the North Atlantic Loop.

These investments are also a reflection of the changes happening in our industry, changes which are now being recognised by the industry analysts including Telegeography. New build projects are being led primarily by the major content players to deliver multiples more Tbps per cable system, and that there is a growing expectation of imminent retirements of the legacy cables built around the turn of the century.

So as we head into 2019, we look forward with great anticipation to not only delivering on 3 new cable builds, but to the continued growth of our existing business, enhanced by our growing partnerships. These partnerships are key to our FOCUS, where we at Aqua Comms will provide the best in class service across the Atlantic, as a pure carriers’ carrier, to be your ultimate Atlantic network partner.

Happy New Year to all

Best wishes,

Nigel Bayliff
Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Comms