ZenFi Networks is an innovative, locally-owned and operated communications infrastructure company serving the New York and New Jersey metro area. Since its inception, it has been supporting evolving technologies and fostering a connected future with inventive infrastructure solutions. The ZenFi Networks team, from the beginning, has been driven by one thing — its vision of solving infrastructure challenges. They seek to solve problems today while building toward a more connected future, meeting potential communication demands through the creation of a new type of network. This dedicated team builds and engineers fiber optic solutions that are truly 5G enabled, complete with dense footprints, robust, purpose-built fronthaul fiber and resilient backhaul. Now, with the completion of their recent merger with Cross River Fiber, ZenFi Networks will continue to grow, enhancing their network reach, deepening their product portfolio and consistently pushing to find new ways of enabling the future of communications. On December 31, 2018 the company celebrates its fifth birthday and takes a look back at the milestones reached along the way. To learn more about ZenFi Network’s journey through the years, please enjoy this short video.