Originally posted by:  Ben Edmond, Chief Revenue Officer at Global Capacity

Global CapacityIn today’s fast-paced business world, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) cannot afford to leave valued customers disconnected. Though many service providers may be hesitant to expand their service offerings  outside of  their existing service area due to concerns of lower margins and longer time to turn up services, network marketplaces like Global Capacity’s One Marketplace ensure that MSPs—and by extensions their customers—will have access to competitive accurate market rates. A network marketplace enabled with a cloud based connectivity pricing application streamlines the buying process and offers numerous critical benefits for MSPs, including:

Faster Response Time

Leveraging pricing automation allows businesses to improve design and pricing efficiencies, thereby reducing the multiple days
three keys to pricing conenctivity servicestypically needed for obtaining and completing off net connectivity proposals. Using an online platform for pricing provides MSPs with: real-time pricing in seconds, batch pricing requests, what if scenarios, to list a few efficient innovations. Automating solution pricing simplifies the repetitive, time-consuming task of completing pricing manually.

Competitive Price Offerings

The best pricing applications will automate design and pricing returning real-time pricing across multiple network routes.  A platform such as Global Capacity’s One Marketplace enables complete visibility into available network services, terms and pricing across more than 27 million validated sites in 132 countries – benchmarking over 50 million price points.   This increased market transparency ensures MSPs can be certain they are offering customers the most competitive rates.

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