Global CapacityWhat is the Value of CE 2.0 in Today’s Market?

Is There a Market Need for Multiple Classes of Service?

How can interconnection help providers cost-effectively expand their service footprints to keep up with today’s competitive market?

These are just some of the questions at Global Capacity’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, Mary Stanhope, will answer during her panel and presentation at Ethernet World 2014, co-located with SDN and NFV Summit 2014.  Ethernet World will be held September 16-17, in Nice, France; it is the largest international conference and exhibition focused on enabling cloud and data services.

On Wednesday, September 17, Ms. Stanhope will join Thane Storck, Group Vice President, Carrier Services at Time Warner Cable Business Class, and Jamy Rousseau, Ethernet Product Manager at SFR, on the panel entitled What Is the Value of CE 2.0 in Today’s Market? Is There a Market Need for Multiple Classes of Service?  The panelists will discuss the business value of MEF CE 2.0 as well as cover important factors in its standardization for mid-market, enterprise / business and cloud brokerage customers with complex networking needs.

Ms. Stanhope will also be giving a presentation on Expanding the Addressable Market beyond the On-Net Footprint via Interconnection, during which she will address how globalization, regulatory changes and increasing competition are driving today’s network operators to expand service beyond their footprint without forfeiting cost or operational efficiency.  Ms. Stanhope will also explore how Enhanced Network-to-Network Interconnections (ENNIs) can help in expanding network service reach, identifying how spare capacity can be identified, aggregated and actively marketed from these interconnection points.

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace combines an interconnected, aggregated network, with a Cloud application that simplifies the procurement of network solutions to eliminate the complexity and inefficiency of the network market.   Ensuring that service delivery and client experience is priority number one, One Marketplace guarantees that their interface will allow customers to design, price and fulfill multi-network, multi-geography requirements all under a single SLA.

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