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3CX Logo3CX exhibited the latest iteration of the award winning software based PBX, 3CX Phone System for Windows, at the recent Business Technology Event ITEXPO West 2014. The latest Service Pack for 3CX Phone System Version 12 introduced 3CX WebMeeting, a web conferencing solution fully integrated with 3CX Phone System.

3CX WebMeeting, a multiple participant video conferencing solution, utilizes WebRTC such that conference participants can seamlessly join webrtc 3CX Exhibits Windows Based Phone System and 3CX WebMeeting WebRTC at ITEXPO West 2014meetings without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins. With the release of 3CX WebMeeting, 3CX is in a unique position as the only unified communications vendor to offer a fully integrated IP PBX and clientless video conferencing solution.

Fully integrated with 3CX Phone System, 3CX WebMeeting is a fully cloud based solution. This means the bandwidth requirements for using 3CX WebMeeting are drastically lower than if the video conference was hosted on premise. The other advantages of 3CX WebMeeting being a cloud based solutions are 3CX Channel Partners do not have to worry about buying or renting server hardware, spending time after-hours on server maintenance, or managing power outages at the customer premise.

3CXPhone Client makes setting up 3CX WebMeetings a breeze. 3CXPhone users simply need to switch to the web conferencing tab, schedule a meeting, add participants, then click “Start Meeting.” Other Web Conferencing solutions are more expensive and more confusing to use, causing unnecessary stress to video conference hosts before the call even begins.

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