Originally posted on Data Center POST

Gartner projects global spending on data center systems will grow to $226 billion in 2022, up 11.4 percent year over year. The demand for data center capacity is at an all-time high, spurred by digital transformation initiatives and demand for cloud services. As data center needs accelerate, the associated land, power, water, and connectivity continue to be constrained, as the cost of land and the infrastructure required to support data center development also increases.

Quantum Loophole, Inc., an innovative developer of first-of-its-kind Gigawatt-scale master planned data center communities, announced that Aligned Data Centers has signed an agreement to acquire land, power, and water at Quantum Loophole’s Frederick County, Maryland data center campus. This comes on the heels of Frederick County’s approval of an amendment to its Zoning Ordinance explicitly designating data centers as a permitted use in areas zoned light industrial or general industrial.

The agreement provides Aligned with additional, strategic expansion capacity, enabling rapid scale to meet the needs of its customers in a highly land- and power-constrained region. Frederick County will be Aligned’s third hyperscale data center campus in the region, with additional expansion planned for 2022. Their first mover advantage helps ensure that Aligned can leverage the new Maryland data center tax incentives.

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