Bankai GroupBankai Group recently announced the start of a strategic and multifaceted partnership with a leading telecom service provider in Indonesia.  By providing a combination of wholesale voice traffic with interconnect billing solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / hosted model, Bankai Group enables the provider to offer higher quality calling at cost-effective rates, while increasing revenues and improving margins by increasing direct inbound international traffic with committed minutes and profits.

The partnership comes at a critical time for the Indonesian telecommunication industry.  Following 2014’s lower subscriber growth, fall in voice average revenue per user and forex losses, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology expects an estimated industry growth of 7-8 percent in 2015 thanks to Indonesia’s younger population, rising income, and smartphone penetration as well as increased data speeds.

The agreement also provides the Indonesian telco with access to BillCall, a billing solutions product from Bankai Group’s subsidiary, Panamax.  BillCall is an innovative technology complete with end-to-end automation to help the service provider manage its interconnect business, and therefore day-to-day operations, more effectively.  With features such as carrier account management, rate management, cost and price management, deal center, dynamic/advanced routing, dispute management, self-care portal, and more, the service provider can enhance agility in order to achieve higher operational efficiency.

Bankai group has disrupted the global voice carrier and technology solutions market by establishing sustainable relationships with leading telcos, Tier 2 carriers, retail voice service providers and global financial institutions.  It manages several business units globally and operates in a number of vertical markets to provide carrier voice services as well as telecom and technology Value-Added Services (VAS).

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