Originally posted by: Amy Atwood, Marketing Manager at Global Capacity

Global CapacityEarlier this month we told the unique story of NovoLogic, a self-described “culture agency” that was in need of reliable, high-performance network connectivity in order to improve client training and internal collaboration, among other objectives. With Global Capacity’s support, the organization was able to meet and exceed its goals as the first-ever corporation in Lawrenceville, GA to receive a fiber-optic network backbone—a historic accomplishment for the second oldest city in the Atlanta area.

“Working with Global Capacity really does feel like a true partnership,” said Burke Allen, President and CEO of NovoLogic in a recent interview.


So, what initially drove this partnership between Global Capacity and NovoLogic?  The strategy that fundamentally enabled NovoLogic to strengthen its service and make history was quarterbacked by Global Capacity’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Brandon Pemberton. To gain even more insight into this thriving partnership, we sat down with Pemberton to hear his take on how Global Capacity helped NovoLogic score an ultimate connectivity win.

In the case of NovoLogic it all started with social media. After Allen posted via social that he was unsatisfied with his service, Global Capacity was quick to track him down in an effort to resolve his most pressing issues. Once Allen and Pemberton’s path crossed it was clear that great things lied ahead. For starters, unbeknownst to each person, Pemberton and Allen both lived in Lawrenceville, GA where NovoLogic is headquartered.

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