Originally posted on Data Center Post

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI – December 10, 2019 – Bluebird Network LLC, a Midwest telecommunications company, is excited to announce the signing of a Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of Illinois Network Alliance (INA). This integration of INA under Bluebird ownership will bring even greater cohesion and operational efficiencies to the Bluebird portfolio of services. 

With a continued strategic focus on the Midwest, the acquisition will empower Bluebird to further strengthen its fiber services and high-bandwidth network solutions for cell towers, hospitals, schools, government facilities and other businesses. While Bluebird has always served as manager of INA, this new ownership role will enable Bluebird to strategically expand its capabilities and offerings between INA and other Bluebird infrastructures. Both respective networks will be grown together and expanded further into new and underserved areas. Bluebird will maintain its dedicated level of personalized customer service while expanding through the acquisition and subsequent fiber build-outs.

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