New York – September 25, 2023 – Boldyn Networks, a leading infrastructure provider in the United States and globally, has been shortlisted as the Best Mobile/5G Service Innovation for the 2023 Global Carrier Awards. Winners are to be announced on October 18, 2023.

Partnered with CityBridge, Boldyn Networks deploys and operates the communications infrastructure for the LinkNYC program, North America’s largest outdoor public Wi-Fi network.   

With over 1.5 million New Yorkers lacking the proper home or mobile connectivity, internet access is critical. Many communities do not have the basic communication services needed today. Many areas in NYC have been classified as digital deserts.

Boldyn Networks provides LinkNYC kiosks and Link5G infrastructure throughout the city to give NYC residents 5G connectivity and free public Wi-Fi. The LinkNYC program was designed to blend seamlessly into NYC’s vibrant tapestry. This infrastructure has become the beacon of free services, delivering wider coverage, and offering 5G power for mobile operators to offer their customers. It’s not just tech; it’s a revolution for the underserved, with a sprinkle of digital equity magic.

Through meticulous groundwork, Boldyn pinpointed specific community districts in need. Lower incomes, minimal Wi-Fi spots, and bustling streets are where the LinkNYC magic unfolds, bridging the digital divide. Boldyn Networks’ Link5G infrastructure acts as the communications backbone across NYC’s five boroughs.

Since 2022, these kiosks have delivered a welcomed service across a cityscape in need of internet access. With a reliable fiber network that is monitored and operated 24/7, LinkNYC is the hallmark for free public Wi-Fi that connects citizens and local businesses to vital services.

Boldyn Networks’ vision is the power of an interconnected future. A future comprised of powerhouse partners such as telecom giants, nationally recognized outdoor advertising firms, governmental offices, and local construction and electrical trades. With over 100,000 small cell locations ready to be activated, 2,000+ LinkNYC kiosks, 280+ connected subway stations, and more, they have deployed a digital network that is fast, ready, and accessible for all.   

Setting the stage for tomorrow, from subway stations to soaring skyscrapers, from stadiums to cityscapes, they’ve amplified New York City’s tech heartbeat. The applause isn’t just for the award; it’s for the leap they’ve taken into tomorrow’s digital embrace.

Boldyn Networks thanks the Global Carrier Awards for being short-listed as Best Mobile/5G Service Innovation 2023.

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Boldyn Networks is one of the world’s largest neutral host providers, delivering the advanced shared network infrastructure needed for a smart, inclusive, and sustainable future. It brings together the combined scale and expertise of six companies with a single purpose: to unlock the power of an interconnected future. From interconnected transit, venues and enterprises to smart cities and next-generation networks, Boldyn Networks enables new possibilities in the way people live, work and play. Our portfolio is harnessing fiber, advancing 4G/LTE, accelerating 5G, preparing for 6G–and looking beyond to the next breakthroughs, and global operations span the US, the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Hong Kong. Boldyn Networks. Reimagine tomorrow. Transform today.  

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