Sophia Antipolis, home to companies in the fields of computing, pharmacology, electronics and biotechnology, was the birthplace of the flagship DataCloud Europe event created by BroadGroup. Since then, as the company has grown and expanded, so has their event portfolio. This year, the company brings their Edge Congress event to the U.S.

Broadgroup, the market leader in providing high end IT infrastructure conferences, exhibitions and awards, recently announced the Edge 2018 agenda. Taking place 24-25 October 2018 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas, this is set to be the first Edge Congress (EDGE) ever to be held in the United States.

EDGE, a new interactive information, deals and networking convention, and experience, will be focusing on the global interest in the next transformative shift in digital infrastructure. Researched and organized by BroadGroup, EDGE responds to emerging interests in how infrastructure will change through the convergence of a host of technologies including Artificial Intelligence, 5G, 4k and 8k, robotics, micro-data centers, edge facilities, and wearable tech and embedded sensors and their deployment.

Austin, Texas is the perfect home for the two-day global congress, as it has already established a pathway for its evolution as an exemplar smart city and offers an outstanding range of great visitor experiences.

The Edge 2018 agenda boasts high-level keynote presentations, panel discussions, and use cases that will examine every aspect of edge computing, from integration with telecommunications networks and 5G connections, to its role in automated vehicles, smart cities and machine learning applications. Speakers include Dave Crowley, Senior Director of Global Network Acquisition Group at Microsoft; Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX®; Josh Noll, Head of Infrastructure and Acquisition at Twitch; Jack Pouchet, Vice President of Business Development at Vertiv and more. The full list of speakers can be found here.

These industry thought-leaders and influencers will examine and explore a range of topics, including “Defining the Edge and the Impact on the Data Center,” “The Human Factor in Edge Infrastructure,” and “The Industry Edge – Where are the Current Deployment Opportunities?” The complete agenda promises a plethora of critical and exciting subjects, sure to engage and empower those in attendance.

Philip Low, Chairman of BroadGroup, states, “A truly connected world can only be facilitated by an all-encompassing edge ecosystem, and the expansion of the edge globally will be the most transformative business opportunity of the digital economy for the next decade.” He adds, “Edge deployments, especially in North America, are expected to achieve significant growth in the foreseeable future. Hence, hosting Edge 2018 in Austin, Texas, the first-ever Edge Congress in the United States, comes at a particularly seminal moment.”