Since 2013, ZenFi Networks, an innovative leader of communications infrastructure solutions, has spearheaded the building and selling of a successful carrier-neutral fiber network in the New York Metro area. Across the Hudson, New Jersey’s premier boutique telecommunications provider, Cross River Fiber, has been expertly designing, constructing and maintaining its own independent network infrastructure.

Now, these companies are appending to their mutual histories of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions with the recent announcement of their completed merger. The combined company, operating as ZenFi Networks, is committed to meeting the growing demand for next generation network access by building, owning and maintaining a suite of agile, world class network solutions for enterprise, carrier and wireless operators. While both entities have achieved great success to date, the combined business greatly expands their geographic footprint and product capabilities.

The new ZenFi Networks brings key strategic benefits to the market. The merger creates unequalled access and application of a regional network spanning 700 miles of fiber optic network, 119 on-net buildings, 47 colocation facilities and nearly 6000 outdoor wireless locations under contract. Additionally, the company boasts 3 unique, special purpose tower sites that empower the high frequency trading industry. This tactical expansion allows ZenFi to meet the burgeoning need for widespread fiber and helps provision their mission of “AnyPair. Anywhere.™”

In addition to increasing the physical span of their fiber network, the merger allows ZenFi to amplify their clients’ satisfaction and augment customer reach through an expanded product portfolio. The company will continue to provide specialized services designed to meet both current and imminent space, power and connectivity needs, along with lit services previously offered by Cross River Fiber. This joining of minds and assets ensures that ZenFi will continue  their unparallelled reputation for efficiently architecting, delivering, and expanding fiber optic networks, distributed colocation and wireless connectivity solutions.

Equipped with an expert team of nimble, forward-thinking builders, the new ZenFi leverages over 30 years of combined skill to form the region’s most experienced communications infrastructure builder. The company and its highly trained personnel work tirelessly to ensure that they are consistently providing their customers with unique, individualized solutions all while remaining at the forefront of any and all technological innovation. The merger further assures that ZenFi is suited to lead any subsequent network or wireless advancement.

Ray LaChance, CEO of ZenFi Networks, notes, “We celebrate a new milestone as we formally merge two of the region’s most highly-regarded communication infrastructure providers into one agile, innovative organization dedicated to delivering solutions to clients more efficiently.” Relaying his excitement about the union, he adds, “This transaction enhances our network reach, deepens our product portfolio and delivers a premier regional communications network that is the foundation for 5G network deployments and tomorrow’s evolving network technology needs.”

Vincenzo Clemente, former CEO of Cross River Fiber, now President and COO of ZenFi Networks states, “I am excited about the future as we blend the considerable talents and experience of both companies. Combined, we will draw on our decades of experience to push the boundaries of infrastructure innovation all while remaining focused on efficiently delivering and expanding purpose-built fiber optic networks and wireless solutions for our clients.”

The new ZenFi Networks puts their expert knowledge and lay of the land to work on behalf of their clients. The newly expanded team, cut from the same cloth as builders and owners of purpose-built fiber optic networks and wireless infrastructure, together will provide cutting edge architecture to an even bigger customer base.