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Reduce Costs, Not Performance in Your Data Center

reduce-costs-not-performance-in-your-data-centerYour company is facing a tough challenge. In today’s digitized economy, virtually every business process, from email to billing, runs through a data center. So your company needs access to high-quality IT services in order to operate and grow.

Hidalgo Communications Expands to Denver, CO!

Through this expansion, Hidalgo Communications can now deliver strengthened support to network partners and end-users nationwide, serving their every need in a demanding and competitive industry. Our value-based solutions and dedicated, client-focused approach provide tremendous value through the simplification of process and reduction in technology expenditures.

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PTC’15 to Address Network Transformation around IoT and M2M Leveraging Cloud Solutions, SDN, NFV, Wireless and Other Architectures

PTC'15The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has been named ground zero this year by the International Data Corporation (IDC) for expected strategic growth initiatives and collaboration around Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), as more vendors and market sectors work together to gain market share.[1] With 3.9 billion people, APAC represents almost half of all Internet users worldwide and more than half of all active social media users.[2] The challenge for IT network operators will be finding creative ways to host, store and analyze an anticipated 40 zettabytes of data generated by an expected 28.1 billion IoT devices by 2020.[3] Today’s bandwidth-intensive products and services are causing changes in the way network infrastructure is deployed in order to extend network flexibility and capacity.