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BNC Bulkhead Adapter Meets IP67 & IP68 Weatherproof Requirements

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RF Industries - Bulkhead AdapterThe BNC connector interface is widely used in a multitude of applications despite a design that originated in the 1940s. The basic design originally offered a minimal weather protection in the mated condition and almost no protection when un-mated.

Aviel Electronics, a division of RF Industries, designed a BNC bulkhead adapter incorporating a glass bead that hermetically seals the connector to withstand a 100 PSI leak test. The adapter, Aviel model # Z-1142 may be used in IP67 or IP68 applications in the mated and unmated condition. All interface dimensions are designed to IAW MIL-C-39012 specifications and overall dimensions to UG-492D/U specification. The adapter is manufactured with silver plated brass body and gold plated center contacts. The adapter is 50 ohm impedance and rated at DC to 4 GHz. with low reflection (VSWR).

4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Adapter Kits, Low PIM adapters for wireless DAS

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4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to N and 7-16 DIN adapters organized and protected

RF Industries4.1-9.5 DIN connectors, commonly referred to as “Mini DINs”, are used in wireless infrastructure and DAS installations for their compact size and low PIM performance. Technicians encounter challenges to interface the Mini DINs with the more widely used N and 7-16 DIN connector interfaces. RF Industries manufactures a complete line of 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN to N and 7-16 DIN adapters and provides the most popular versions packaged in kit form, keeping these precision adapters organized and protected.

Kits are available with the popular adapters in 6 and 7 pc variations. The right angle adapter features a radius internal design that provides constant 50 ohm impedance for optimum electrical performance to 7.5 GHz. Adapters with male interfaces have large hex coupling nuts for easy mating using a torque wrench. All adapters are manufactured with brass bodies and durable non-tarnish tri-metal (white bronze) plating with a PIM rating of less than or equal to -160dBc using 2 tones at 20 watts.

Custom Multi-Conductor Cable Harness for Industrial Gas Turbine

RFIndustries-Logo-300x175A manufacturer of gas turbines used for industrial applications required a wire harness for monitoring equipment measuring the vacuum in and out temperatures. RF Industries Multi-Conductor product group was selected as a vendor because of experience with ruggedized assemblies used in high vibration and high temperature environments. Close proximity between RF Industries and the customer allowed for collaboration during the design and manufacturing process. The assembly included a flying lead design format allowing for easy replacement once leads are damaged in the field.