Console - Primary - 300dpi - RGBCentriLogic has joined the Console Partner Program, a move that will enable the company to provide its customers with access to Console, the enterprise software and interconnection platform that is changing the way businesses directly connect to their clients, vendors and partners. CentriLogic, a global provider of managed hosting, cloud, co-location and advanced IT outsourcing solutions, will become the first Canadian end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions provider offering the Console platform to its global customer base, privately connecting all client locations to its data centers through to the cloud.

th1-header-CentriLogic-logoBy joining the Console Partner Program, CentriLogic will now be able to offer customers direct access to Console for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally, all while bypassing the public internet. Direct access from CentriLogic’s data centers, combined with Console’s network automation technology, will provide customers with simple and secure connectivity to a global ecosystem of cloud service providers, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Box and Zendesk, while eliminating configuration complexity.

IT managers are continually looking to increase security, improve user experiences and reduce complexity. Utilizing Console, customers will now be able to employ CentriLogic’s private hosting and network services to directly connect to cloud infrastructure and applications outside of the data center. Additionally, bypassing the public Internet, Console will virtually eliminate the security and performance issues that often arise with public cloud service adoption. CentriLogic customers will now experience private, high-performance and consistent access to a global ecosystem of enterprises and business-critical cloud infrastructure.

Reached for comment, Monica Rok, VP, Strategic Initiatives at CentriLogic said, “Successful adoption of cloud-based technologies and applications within the enterprise depends heavily on access to secure and reliable network connectivity.  Partnering with Console allows us to extend greater flexibility and convenience to our enterprise customers as they continue to leverage traditional managed hosting, network and cloud solutions as part of their IT outsourcing strategies.”

All CentriLogic customers will now have direct access to Console’s software and interconnection platform, leveraging CentriLogic’s network services, or within their global data centers located in North America, Europe and Asia.

“We’re delighted to welcome CentriLogic to the Console Partner Program,” said Al Burgio, CEO of Console Inc.  “With this collaboration, we will provide CentriLogic’s customers with a secure, simple and faster way to bypass the public Internet and directly connect to business-critical cloud providers, SaaS providers and partners.”