Leading international routing solution now includes intelligent management of bilateral agreements

imgresTEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), has today announced the release of AcuWorld 5.1, the latest version of its international routing solution. AcuWorld’s updated feature set now includes Intelligent Bilateral Routing Management to maximize a CSPs benefits from bilateral routing agreements.

The new Intelligent Bilateral Routing Management module enables CSPs to optimize the selection of routes and calls to be routed under the agreements, ensuring they can meet their commitments at the lowest possible cost. AcuWorld now has near-real time tracking and reporting of incoming and outgoing obligations, with up-to-date notifications and alerts that report the current state of all bilateral agreements. This essentially eliminates any penalties resulting from traffic shortfalls or surpluses.

The new version of AcuWorld also enhances percentage routing by either destination or vendor, and adds additional KPIs to better monitor and manage quality of service characteristics. Uniquely, AcuWorld routes at the ‘digit’ level rather than destination. This more optimal method of routing greatly reduces rate disputes and also saves CSPs millions of dollars in termination costs. AcuWorld can optimize routing management according to the CSP’s particular needs – whether that’s lowest cost, best margins, and the best quality of service – and allow for product and class of service distinctions among those attributes to differentiate product offerings.

“Along with the increasing complexity of today’s telecoms networks, with their mix of legacy and next-generation elements, CSPs must deal with the additional complexity of routing agreements with other network providers”, said Bill LaRuffa, Executive Director- Routing Solutions, TEOCO. “The new features in AcuWorld enable operators to manage these complex peering arrangement without sacrificing profit margins.”