Open-IXExtending the application process for standards certifications from North America to the larger global market, the Open-IX Association (OIX), a non-profit industry association formed to promote better standards for data center interconnection and Internet exchanges, is excited to announce that it is now accepting Internet Exchange (OIX-1) and Data Center (OIX-2) certification applications for any Internet Exchange Point or data center worldwide.  Open-IX members and interconnect and data center professionals located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific as well as other regions across the globe, are now given the opportunity to apply for the certifications.

Martin Hannigan, Co-Founder and Treasurer of Open-IX Association, commented on the accelerated certification demand stating, “Since its inception, Open-IX has experienced continued momentum for its standards and certification program, growing rapidly amongst data centers and IXPs in the United States.  Today, we are announcing another milestone not only for Open-IX, but also the global Internet and Open-IX community.  Meeting interest and demand for achieving OIX certification in other countries is crucial to the proliferation of our consensus-based community standards which support the future health and robustness of the Internet as a whole.”

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