Financial Markets Tune in to Wireless: Applications, Solutions, Technologies, Challenges’ White Paper Now Available for Download 

CFN Services LogoCHICAGO, IL and NEW YORK, NY – November 4, 2014 – CFN Services, a leading provider of managed services for the capital markets, in conjunction with A-Team Group, a specialist provider of news, analysis, in-depth research and events for the financial information technology sector, releases its latest white paper, “Financial Markets Tune in to Wireless: Applications, Solutions, Technologies, Challenges”.  The white paper explores the use of low latency wireless technologies in the capital markets, outlining key considerations, opportunities and challenges associated with leveraging wireless solutions for latency-sensitive trading strategies, services and financial applications.

According to the A-Team Group, wireless networks and technologies are being more widely adopted across the financial markets due to their potential to offer a significant speed advantage over fiber communications.  Originally deployed only by the most latency-sensitive proprietary trading firms, market participants now have more options to integrate wireless into their trading platforms than they did just a couple of years ago.

“Financial Markets Tune in to Wireless,” provides insight into how high-performance, low latency wireless technologies can deliver an edge in trading performance for a number of trading strategies and approaches, and details specific criteria to consider when applying these technologies for market data transmission and order execution.  The white paper examines how latency, capacity and reliability factor into the design and selection of wireless solutions, and how firms can better optimize and integrate these solutions into their existing market data and trading systems, networks and infrastructure.

The A-Team advises firms to weigh best-fit approaches for integrating next-generation wireless into their trading platforms; whether building and operating a proprietary dedicated network, or leasing bandwidth from a commercial shared services provider or another trading firm with excess bandwidth capacity.  Today, select capital markets technology providers are integrating a portfolio of wireless networks into a single platform.  These integrated wireless technology and trading infrastructure platforms enable firms to better manage and optimize bandwidth without sacrificing lowest-latency data via full depth, native format feeds; prioritize data into latency profiles for specific applications; and improve reliability across the entire network.

CFN Services is a managed services provider that developed and operates the Alpha Platform™, a high-performance platform for electronic trading across key liquidity venues, major asset classes and emerging geographies worldwide.  The Alpha Platform is an agile and scalable trading platform, built on the same infrastructure that provides accelerated ultra-low latency market data delivery and trade execution for some of the world’s most sophisticated high frequency trading firms.

Leveraging the Alpha Platform’s integrated low latency wireless and fiber networks, CFN offers accelerated UltraFast™ Market Data and wireless solutions under a flexible managed services model, at price points that are a fraction of prevailing market rates – enabling firms to greatly reduce the costs associated with low latency, high capacity networks and accelerated market data delivery. UltraFast Market Data also delivers full-depth native format feeds around the globe leveraging the combined performance and availability of both fiber and microwave distribution networks.

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