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Bluebird Network, a high-capacity fiber internet and transport services provider and underground data center owner, recently released a testimonial from Michael Scott, Director of Corporate Information Technology at Tech Electronics. Highlighted within this letter is the service excellence that Bluebird continues to provide and the foundation of true partnership upon which the company supports its customers and their growth.

As a trusted internet and transport provider, Bluebird has served customers across the Midwest with its world-class fiber infrastructure since 1999. In 2014, this service capability was expanded when the company purchased its Bluebird Underground Data Center and began to offer colocation. This expanded upon Bluebird’s core dedication to providing exceptional standards of care — a guiding principle from the company’s inception that it brings to its customers across numerous industries, including financial institutions, schools and universities, healthcare facilities, government buildings and businesses of all sizes.

As a tenant of the Bluebird Underground Data Center, Scott’s letter is as follows:

“Tech Electronics has been working with Bluebird Underground since they first purchased the facility in 2014. Anytime there is change in an organization, the customers wonder what is in store. Often when acquisitions occur, quality of service goes down and complications and problems rise up. With Bluebird, the opposite occurred. From day one when they took over the operation, the stability, responsiveness, and overall operational quality headed in an upward trajectory. 

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