During the heyday of the telegraph the Western Union Building at 60 Hudson Street stood as the premier nexus of worldwide communication. Communication technologies have since come a long way, but the halls of this storied building still echo its long-standing history as one of the foremost technical hubs in the world.

Today, 60 Hudson Street’s offices, auditorium, cafeteria, and gymnasium have been replaced by a new set of innovative colocation centers, but the legacy of the building is continued through the actions of pioneering companies like DataGryd.

Most recently, the company has bolstered their market success and ensured 60 Hudson’s continued eminence through their appointment of a new Vice President of Sales, Bill Betz.  DataGryd, the most strategic international data hub and largest single footprint data center in New York, meets the demand for data processing and data storage centers in the area’s urban market. Mr. Betz, an industry veteran, will be responsible for the sales and execution of the 60,000 sq. foot facility, leading sales strategies and identifying new business opportunities.

With more than 30 years of driving large global sales and marketing teams to increased revenue and market share, Mr. Betz has previously served as the Vice President of Sales at both Sky Technology Partners and INAP. Now, he brings his talent and insight in areas like Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), hyperscale data centers, and software-, platform-, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions to DataGryd.

Building upon two mutually successful histories in the industry, Mr. Betz and Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd, will work closely to execute sales strategies and develop a pipeline for new business opportunities, all while facilitating rewarding customer relationships and communications.  Mr. Betz notes, “DataGryd has a reputation for providing New York enterprises with the most advanced colocation and cloud infrastructure solutions.”

In addition to offering customers state-of-the-art power and cooling infrastructure for multi-tenant colocation, DataGryd’s iconic 60 Hudson Street headquarters provides vital power to accommodate the ever-growing demand in one of the world’s most concentrated cores of Internet connectivity. The facility’s 15 megawatts of primary power ensures space for rapidly multiplying data traffic like entertainment content, cable TV, ultrabandwidth media, interactive gaming, and ATM transactions. DataGryd is equipped to provide unequaled service to clients from 250 kW to 5MW.

Mr. Brown confirms that the feeling of excitement and opportunity is mutual. Underscoring his delight in welcoming Mr. Betz to the company, Mr. Brown adds, “His impressive history of success in business development and sales throughout the telecommunications industry will make him an asset to the DataGryd team as we continue to grow and evolve as an organization.”

Mr. Betz’s result-oriented nature augments the success of DataGryd’s unparalleled power solutions, making this pair distinctively poised to launch a new era of amplified success in data center provision.