In the face of ever-changing business requirements and applications, a network that is flexible and agile is paramount. Forbes has classified the SD-WAN market as “white hot,” and with good reason. For enterprises that span a large geographical area, this technology provides cost-effective, flexible and simplified WAN solutions to meet burgeoning demands.

Reliability, efficiency, and security are just a few of the additional benefits that influenced The Europac Group’s decision to deploy SD-WAN. Utilizing the unparalleled service solutions from GTT Communications, Inc., the leading cloud networking provider to multinational clients, Europac has launched a new wave of enhanced network performance for its European sites.

As one of the most innovative manufacturers of sustainable packaging in Europe and a long-standing client of GTT’s recent Interoute acquisition, Europac leverages GTT’s extensive European network to connect its 18 paper and packaging factories and six waste management facilities. Spanning Spain, France and Portugal, these facilities strategically employ GTT’s high-performance, reliable cloud networking services to support their drive to streamline operations and processes across the entire value chain of the packaging industry.

Europac’s ambitious goals demonstrate why so many vendors are turning to SD-WAN. Operating throughout the industry’s value chain, from integrated waste management to forestry operations for raw materials, they focus on vertical integration of the paper, recycling, and packaging businesses. Their mills span across Europe with the goal of becoming a benchmark company within their markets. When it came to these objectives, customized underlying infrastructure was key to achieving their desired culture of constant innovation and operational excellence.

Europac needed an agile network that granted users more control, visibility, and affordable broadband access options. GTT’s expert SD-WAN, optimized to meet those needs, is increasingly sought after for its seamless global coverage with a Tier-1 backbone, enhanced data security, improved network performance, and cost-effective implementation. With the widest range of access options, companies like Europac can rest assured that their networks are backed by GTT’s cutting edge design from end to end.

SD-WAN’s ability to maximize efficiency and simplify WAN management will ensure that Europac is expertly prepared to fully realize their business potential and market goals.

GTT’s solutions optimize performance for Europac’s applications and services that operate in a centralized cloud architecture, enabling Europac to even more effectively implement its supply chain strategy, manage change in its manufacturing operations and drive greater competitive advantage. GTT also supports all of Europac’s business divisions with an enterprise voice over IP (VoIP) platform from its data center in Madrid.

These two heavy hitters harmonize perfectly, creating a refined system perfectly suited for success.

David Casas, head of infrastructure and communications at the Europac Group, notes, “GTT’s network and communications services enable us to accelerate and support the integration of our internal operations across Europe. SD-WAN adds flexibility and allows us to optimize our network to support our cloud-based applications, which is a fundamental aspect of the company’s digital strategy.”

Rick Calder, GTT president and CEO, affirmed his confidence in this effective collaboration, adding, “GTT is redefining global communications to serve clients such as Europac. We help our clients connect people across their organizations, around the world and to every application in the cloud.”